East Sea Gas Field

Daewoo International Discovers Gas Reservoir for Potential Commercial Production in East Sea

23 January 2015 Jung Yeon-jin

Daewoo International and the Korea National Oil Corporation (KNOC) announced on Jan. 22 that they have confirmed the existence of a gas reservoir for potential commercial production in the 6-1 southern field of the East Sea continental shelf and succeeded in a production experiment for gas.

After drilling down 3,283 meters from sea level, Daewo International found a thick gas layer over 90 meters thick in the strata. The company is planning to drill an additional 1 to 2 production wells and install production facilities in the sea floor in the first half of 2017.

Then it will connect an undersea pipeline to the production facilities in the KNOC’s East Sea 6-1 gas field, located 20 kilometers northeast of the field, and start producing gas from the end of 2017.

An official from Daewoo International said, “Based on the experience exploring and developing a large gas field in Myanmar, we have confirmed the potential for commercial production. The gas development in the domestic continental shelf will be accelerated even more in the future.”

Meanwhile, Daewoo International currently produces 500 million cubic feet of gas per day in the Myanmar natural gas field.

[www.businesskorea.co.kr] | Original News @ HERE

Date : 2015/1/23


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