More Whitewashing?

Japanese Government Holds Hands with American Strategic Advisory Firm

– Senator Tom Daschle is the founder and chairman of The Daschle Group, a public policy advisory of Baker Donelson.-

28 April 2015 – 6:30pm
Jung Suk-yee

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, the Japanese government signed a contract with the Daschle Group, a leading strategic advisory firm located in Washington D.C., on April 16 via the Japanese Embassy in the U.S. According to the contract, the Daschle Group is to provide advice and assistance for the embassy with regard to political and policy issues having to do with the national interests of Japan.

Between the second half of 2013 and early last year, the Japanese government worked with law firms like Hecht, Spencer & Associates, and Hogan Lovells in trying to block the government of Virginia from using the place name of East Sea along with the Sea of Japan and block the establishment of a comfort women monument. It is predicted that the Japanese government hired the Daschle Group at this time for similar purposes, that is, historical whitewashing.

Besides, there is a possibility that the U.S. government would overlook such attempts with the strategic importance of Japan on the rise amid the emergence of China. “Any manifestation of Abenesia would be a big mistake,” the Financial Times pointed out on April 27, adding, “As the aggressor in the second world war, Japan does not have the luxury to decide when the apologies end.”

In the meantime, a report of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan covering the Asia-Pacific region regarding the establishment of its long-term diplomatic strategy was made public on April 26. According to the report, the Asia-Pacific region would become a jungle and Japan would face mounting difficulties in the presence of China if the U.S. continued to focus on itself.

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Date : 2015/4/28


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