French Atlas adopts ‘East Sea’


This is the 2012 edition of “Le Grand Atlas” which French publisher Editions Atlas
recently issued. The atlas adopted the “MER DE L’EST (East Sea),” in parrel with “MER DU JAPON (Sea of Japan),” for the first time in referring to the seas between the Korean Penisula and Japan, although it had employed only the latter for decades. MER DE L’EST is found in eight pages of the atlas. Le Grand Atlas is deemed as one of the two most renowned and prestigious atlases in the world, along with the other issued by National Geographic. South Korea has long campaigned for the adoption of East Sea for the seas that are widely known as the Sea of Japan after Japan registered the name with the International Hydrographic Organization in the early 1920s, when Korea was under Japan’s colonial rule. The photo was contributed by Professor Lee Jin-myung at Jean Moulin University Lyon 3. (Yonhap)

source: Yonhapnews


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